China: ministries to serve together

By December 2, 2016

China (MNN) – China has recently been in the headlines for its new law regarding cybersecurity, but today, we have some good news. Instead of talking about stricter rules, we’re talking about opening doors.

Team Work in China

(Photo Courtesy Bibles For China via Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy Bibles For China via Facebook)

How? Well, Bibles for China is teaming up with another MNN partner, China Partner. The ministries plan to lean on each other’s strengths and come alongside churches together through resourcing and education.

“China Partners is exactly who they say they are. They partner with those that are willing to go and share the gospel and training materials and Bibles in China and they’ve been a wonderful, wonderful resource,” Bibles for China’s Wendell Rovenstine shares.

“Eric and I plan to be together after the first of the year in serving and feeding and being a part of the Christian community that exists in China. I say God has provided us a cool opportunity.”

Bibles for China’s team commits daily to diving into the Word, seeking to understand God more, and drawing nearer to His plan for them. Rovenstine says it’s this relationship with God that gives the team its passion for serving.

“When we’ve been in His word and pray, we just wait up on the Lord to give leadership and guidance to the ministry,” Rovenstine explains.

Challenges Ahead

(Photo Courtesy China Partner via Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy China Partner via Facebook)

However, with the peace and joy that comes from serving the Lord, there is also conflict. Rovenstine expects there to be some kind of adversity, various challenges, and even persecution to come. Yet, none of these things can detract the ministry from continuing to walk the path God has laid for them with their brothers and sisters.

Still, part of walking this path includes legally working with churches. Bibles for China tries to maintain both a transparency and openness in its ministry and comes into China through invitation. This protects both the churches the ministry works with and the ministry itself.

Essentially, though, Bibles for China isn’t a sending organization. Instead, it desires to come alongside the churches and help by providing them with Bibles as needed.

“[We] have four-million [Bibles] that are printed legally in China by Amity Press, approved by the Chinese government,” Rovenstine shares. Still, the ministry can’t afford to print all those Bibles itself. Instead, it needs financial help from supporters who are willing to help get even just one Bible in a household. After all, it only costs $5 to donate a Bible.

So as 2017 approaches and these two ministries work together to serve God’s people in China, will you pray?

Pray for both of these ministries’ reach throughout China, their protection, the protection of the people they serve, and for needs to be met both physically and spiritually. Pray also for the resources needed for the Bibles to come through and for open hearts when hearing the Gospel.

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