China says life is back to normal in quake zone.

By September 3, 2013

China (BGR) — Baptist Global Response -trained crews are responding to a 6.1-magnitude earthquake that occurred Aug. 12 in a remote province of the Tibet Autonomous Region. According to reports, at least 87 people were injured and over 45,000 houses were damaged along with highways, bridges and other facilities. No casualties have yet been reported.

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)BGR partners are assessing and developing a response to the quake – the third major earthquake to hit China since April. On April 20, a 7.0-magnitude quake shook the city of Lushan in southwest Sichuan province, killing 196 people.

On July 22, a 5.9-magnitude quake killed 94 and injured more than 1,000 near the city of Dingxi in northwest Gansu province. Changdu is located in the mountains of Tibet at approximately 12,500 feet in elevation. While rugged terrain and lack of viable roads make response more difficult, BGR is utilizing local partners to access the area and provide assessments.

Though each BGR initiative is tailored to fit a community’s unique needs, typical responses include providing clean water, establishing community centers and providing basic needs throughout the recovery and rebuilding effort.

For example, teams in Lushan built latrines and shower facilities and provided more than 1,000 ceramic water filters in response to the April quake. In July – with BGR support – more than a hundred university students from across China traveled to affected areas and staffed local community centers.

In Dingxi, as rebuilding continues, teams are partnering with governmental agencies to set up centers to care for women, children and the elderly. At the request of community leaders, BGR partners also provided disaster response training to better prepare local leaders to respond to future disasters.

As assessment and response continue, BGR partners request prayer for that:(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)
— survivors will have peace and rest in the midst of these disasters
— assessment and response teams will build on past experiences and apply them to the Changdu quake
— assessment and response teams will find time for personal rest and refreshment in the midst of responding to multiple disasters.
You can help respond to disasters like this by donating to BGR’s General Disaster Relief fund.


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