Christian broadcast leads Rwandan official to Christ

By May 28, 2007

Rwanda (MNN) — The genocide in Rwanda in the 1990's left many scars. The Hutu/Tutsi tribal conflict is a sobering reminder of the evil that exists in the hearts of people. That conflict has also hardened the hearts of many.

A Christian radio broadcast is making a difference. Back to the Bible International is making a difference, says Australia country director Berni Dymet. He says Back to the Bible is broadcasting on Radio Rwanda. "They play our weekly Christian radio program 'Back to the Bible' from Australia, and they play that every Saturday and Sunday night. And they were sharing with me that the listening audience for our program is around the two to three million mark."

Dymet believes he knows why their listenership is so high. "Most people in Rwanda don't have television. There's only a handful of radio stations, so the main thing that they listen to is Radio Rwanda, which is the government-owned public broadcaster. So it's an awesome door that God's opened up."

Many people have responded, but none more impressive than the program director of Radio Rwanda, a self-professed atheist. "He said there can't possibly be a god because if there was a god, he wouldn't have let this happen to my people," Dymet says.

However, the man's wife and children listen every week, and his wife is playing Back to the Bible's 10 minute program each Friday at the parliament building. He said, "My wife dragged me along to this prayer meeting thing, and after three weeks of listening to your program every week, I couldn't help it: I gave my life to the Lord, and now I'm doing a Bible college course. Isn't that great?"

With the large number of listeners, Dymet says the one-person Rwandan staff needs to expand "to do the follow-up and the church response. We have a huge church response from churches and from pastors saying, 'We're not getting this kind of teaching in our country and it's a blessing to us.' So, we have a huge need to grow our ministry in Rwanda."

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