Wind-up radios to make an impact in Cambodia

By May 25, 2007

(MNN) — Far East Broadcasting Company-Cambodia is working on distributing a few hundred wind-up radios throughout the country within the next couple of

This follows the presentation of 5,000 radios by
FEBC-Korea to the Deputy Prime Minister Sok An. 

The team also met with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. Of the 5,000
wind-up radios presented, 1,000 radios have been passed to FEBC-Cambodia for

Pray that God will guide and protect the ministry team, and
that He will bless their efforts as they hand out the radios and fellowship
with listeners. Many of the listeners are hard-pressed to purchase batteries and live in isolated areas, so the wind-up radios are an especially appreciated commodity.

In 1976, Cambodian national programmers joined Far East
Broadcasting Company's (FEBC) studios in the Philippines to resume making
culturally-relevant evangelistic programs for their own people.

By 1993, the government allowed national programmers to
establish FEBC Cambodia's first office and studio in the capital of Phnom Penh.

Five years ago, FEBC Cambodia introduced its first local
station, Family-FM. Daytime programming on Family-FM is pre-evangelistic with
very light Christian content. Evening broadcasts are directed towards aiding
the growth of believers through Bible studies and various programs. Pray that the distribution will help expand FEBC's audience.

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