Christian business leaders reach out on college campus

By August 27, 2010

USA (MNN) — In a faltering economy, business students want to have knowledge and understanding of basic economic and business principles. However, they also want real life experience. They also want to hear from people who have been successful at it. WorldServe Ministries understands that desire and has started a program specifically for international business students studying in the United States.

WorldServe's Tom Henry says their Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum is a great way for students to learn and hear the Gospel.

Georgia Tech will have its first forum the first week in October. Henry says business leaders from Atlanta will share "how their faith in God has helped them care for their employees more effectively, be a better steward of resources, [and] be better leaders. And so what we want to do is teach these principles to seekers, but also to students who are typically hostile to Christianity."

Henry says WorldServe is partnering with Campus Crusade for Christ, International Students, and others to help facilitate this. He says through relationship building, he expects many to come to Christ.

Campus ministries are already effect in reaching them, says Henry, especially Chinese students. "There are over 100,000 graduate students from China. Ten percent of the folks from China become Christians. But when they get back, they have a great difficulty getting connected to a community of faith, and as a result, many fall away."

WorldServe is using their connections in China to help these new Christians. They do so "by directly connecting them life-on-life with a body that will encourage, nurture, support, and continue the discipleship process that God started here."

Not only is it an outreach for WorldServe, but it's also an outreach for Chinese believers. "But now, the Christians in China who are professors are starting to target campuses, places [in which] we have a presence and a ministry, so that we can be involved in the discipleship and the evangelization of their students."

Henry says this type of ministry can be started all over the world. "We would love to start setting up city centers all over. We need people who can organize events and introduce us to campus ministry leaders."

This ministry is forcing the church to think of missions as both local and international, say Henry.

Funding is needed for this new facet of ministry for WorldServe. "We're obviously ramping up and hiring staff people as well as connectors over in China."

Pray that WorldServe would be effective not only in mentoring business students, but that they'd see more and more students come to Christ and become part of a fellowship of Christians in China.



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