Evangelist goes viral in 2011

By January 26, 2011

International (MNN) — When you
start talking about viruses in January, most people will assume illness or a
round of computer bugs.

But sometimes going
"viral" can be a good thing. In
the online world, a message going viral can get to millions of people within

The term comes from a phenomenon
when a pattern replicates itself or converts others into copies of itself upon exposure. That said, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries is
taking a different look at "going viral"… in light of the Great Commission.

This year, they're hoping to
"go viral" with the Gospel as never before. They've already seen amazing response from
their youth Web site, thedougandjonshow.com. How else could you help over 11,000
young people from 48 countries around the world give their hearts to Jesus in just
a few short months?

RHM can also take their
face-to-face events to countless people who'll never be at one of those events.
For example, with sites like YouTube and
Facebook, they can take their Native
ministry far beyond where the On Eagles' Wings teams can go…and they can reach more Native young people than can attend the Warrior
Leadership Summit conference.

Hutchcraft poses this challenge
for 2011: "What if we could 'viralize' our 'A Life That Matters'
training that turns passive believers into passionate spiritual rescuers?" A world
could change.

RHM notes that 150,000 people
slip into eternity every day. If they can
get the Gospel out and see it replicated in new believers,
there's a good chance that more of those 150,000 won't be spending eternity
without Christ.

Pray that their team will be decisive
in this year of unprecedented life-saving opportunities. There's more here.

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