Christian camps continue to operate in the former Soviet Union.

By September 15, 2004

CIS (MNN)–Christian camp workers in the former Soviet Union confirm some resistance to their work.

Regional governments often harass camp leaders over legalities. OC International’s Bob Hilt says their camps are all over the Commonwealth of Independent States. “Many of the people do the best they can to comply with the government requests and they’re allowed to run. Once in a while, there is some pressure–there’s a certain amount of persecution, and so they have some difficulties.”

Hilt says there were 38-thousand Communist doctrine camps in the former Soviet Union. When they were abandoned, it was a simple transition to a Christian camp. The ministry itself flourishes, however, there are challenges for OCI staff. “There is a pressure since they’re Muslim countries to not have these Christian camps, but these people have quite a thriving spirit and they’re anxious to share their faith, and they make them happen. They’re happening all over that area.”

OCI’s strategy is to target entire nations through research, training, motivation, and mobilization.

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