Christian College students in the U-S speak out against genocide

By May 26, 2005

USA (MNN) — We’ve told you this week about the problems in Darfur, Sudan — Muslim against Muslim violence. Nearly 200,000 dead and the situation is being called genocide by top government leaders around the world. Christian university students in the United States are speaking out against this human catastrophe.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Adrian Tam is with the Harvard Chapter. He says students there were able to convince Harvard to divest it’s investments from a company working in Sudan. That was all it took for Christians to help fellow believers understand the genocide there. “We got together and put together a short six page packet with a letter that students can send to their pastors back home and hopefully with this information they can start praying about what’s going on in Sudan.”

Tam says demonstrating isn’t the goal, it’s strictly education because he says the church is largely ignorant about the situation in Darfur. “This is the same thing that happened 10 years ago in Rwanda and we ended up with more than 800,000 dead. I just think that this is definitely a humanitarian crisis.”

Being Christians, Tam is hoping the love they’re showing for these people will be a testimony of their love for Christ. He’s asking people to pray. “Praying for repentance on the part of the perpetrators and that they might also come to know God. That would be really great.”

Even though classes are over for many colleges and universities, Tam says this movement isn’t going to end. He’s encouraging people to get the information pack they’ve created at, click on “Take Action.”

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