Christian crisis line available to MTV viewers

By July 15, 2009

USA (MNN) — An unlikely duo- MTV and Bethany Christian Services – will make their debut this Thursday at 10 PM. 

MTV contacted Bethany about finding teen girls who would be willing to be featured in their show "16 and Pregnant".  Bethany found one girl named Catelynn in the Detroit
area who agreed to be on the show.  Catelynn went through a video try-out and was selected.  The couple who adopted her baby found the news about the show "a little nerve-wracking", but still appears in a preview clip online.

Though Bethany has said that they "wouldn't always agree 100 percent with" the perspectives that MTV expresses, they do reach a key demographic. 

MTV very likely reaches an audience that consists of many women who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies.  Bethany sees this as an opportunity to reach them with their faith-based ministry.  They will be airing a commercial during the show that advertises their crisis
phone line, 1-800-BETHANY, and   This Thursday's show may also feature a video clip from Bethany's promotional video called "Letting Go".   

"We call it our lifeline," said spokesman Jon VanValkenburg.  The phone line is open 24 hours a day. Women can call at any time to talk to Christian staff or volunteers and are often put in contact with an office near them.  Bethany has 80 offices in 33 states.

Vice president of marketing and communications at Bethany, Marc Andreas,  said that MTV has already begun talking to them about season two of "16 and Pregnant". 

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