The hope of Christ meets needs in crisis-torn Zimbabwe.

By July 15, 2009

Zimbabwe (MNN) —  Zimbabwe is facing the worst humanitarian
crisis since independence.  Nothing much
has changed for the rural poor. 

Despite a coalition government,
little headway is being made because of years of political upheaval and

The country's economy  is in shreds, and the average person cannot
afford to buy the goods that now stock store shelves.   In fact, the United Nations World Food
Program (WFP) estimates that half the population of 12 million people will be
reliant on food aid.

Global Aid Network, or GaiN USA
is responding to the physical and spiritual needs of the Tonga.  Together with partner, Life
Ministry, the team worked in the areas hardest hit by the cholera epidemic,
including Harare, Mafbingo and Mutare. 

GAiN's Crystal Lentz says,  "We were going in and doing the water
and sanitation and hygiene training, putting in the water filters, helping out
at various schools.  We have brought in
over six and a half million meals this year alone." 

Lentz says their partners have
Christ's heart for these people.  
"The humanitarian aid serves [as] such a platform. When you're
feeding somebody, they're open and they're interested in what you have to say."

"Strategically, they have  a master plan of how they want to use the aid
in sharing the Gospel", and it's effective.  "We ministered to approximately three
thousand children. During   The JESUS Film
showing there was about seven thousand total, and about 530 made decisions for

Pray for the team.   Lentz asked one of the Life Ministry leaders
what his challenges were. "His greatest struggle was to have people who
are willing to stay in country and continue then to produce godly

Life Ministry has developed a
prayer movement in collaboration with local churches; training in evangelism
and discipleship; and church planting as a part of a holistic approach to
ministry there.

Another team is forming for a
trip in February, July and December in 2010. Click here for details.

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