Turn-out exceeds invitations to conference

By July 15, 2009

Nicaragua (MNN) — Some of the pastors who attended the JESUS Film Project pastors' conference traveled for two days down the Rio Coco and two others all the way from Honduras.

When they arrived, their jaws dropped when they saw the JESUS Film in their own language.  It was the first time any of them had seen a movie in their native tongue.  The group who went to the Mosquito Coast earlier this year contacted JESUS Film Project at the last minute to get a copy of the film in the Miskito language.   For the pastors, that last minute thought was well worth it.

Pastors came in desperate need of training.  For many, the four day conference in Peurto
Cabezas was a spiritual feast to heal the starvation many had been experiencing.  The turn-out of 170 pastors far exceeded the 100 invites they had put out. 

The pastor who came the farthest distance went home with a copy of the JESUS Film in the Miskito language to share with his village. 

The group that traveled to Nicaragua included a physicians and dentists who also put on medical clinics and lead evangelical activities.

Pray that what the pastors learned at the conference will feed them spiritually throughout the year so they can be spiritual leaders for their church and villages.

The JESUS Film Project's mission is that everyone in the world be able to hear the Gospel in their native , or "heart", language.      

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