Christian educators fight back with education in Indonesia.

By October 13, 2003

Indonesia (MNN)–New restrictions in Indonesia appear to be targeting Christian schools. Five months ago, the Indonesian Parliament passed a new education law that caused some concern for believers.

The law requires schools with 10 or more students of any particular faith to be taught religious studies by a teacher of the same faith.

Many Indonesian Muslim children attend Christian schools because their parents believe the quality of education is better than what is offered by the Islamic institutions. Walk Through The Bible’s Terry Sparks. “The intent of the education law is to teach Muslim classes, but it also offers the opportunity to teach other faiths, as well.”

The law may have been intended to curb the flood of Muslim students converting to Christianity each year. There were also fears it would inflame tensions.

Sparks explains their response is pro-active. “We’re trying to put together a large number of teachers so that we have people all over Indonesia teaching Christianity in the schools.” The challenge now, is both funding and training the teachers, and getting them approved to teach in the schools.

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