Christian gunned down in Kashmir

By November 29, 2006

Kashmir (MNN) — While the Kashmir region continues rebuilding after last year’s earthquake that killed thousands, ministry in the region is growing in this predominately Muslim area. Partners International is working in the region.

Partners’ Bob Savage describes one of the ministries they’re supporting. “They have these ‘Seeker Seminars.’ Muslims are religious people and some of them want to know what Christianity is all about. Some come and they have these twice a year. The first one they ever had a long time ago (in 1995) one guy came and really got interested and he came to Christ.”

Savage says the first program convert grew in his faith, but the story doesn’t end well. “He would bring people to these seminars when they happened. As often happens, a guy like him attracts bad attention. And, some people were watching him and threatening him and they just came up and point blank range and shot him.”

Police are investigating, but Savage isn’t too hopeful. “Unfortunately these kind of things aren’t prosecuted very strongly in strong fundamentalist areas. I don’t really expect any arrests.”

He leaves his wife and five children.

Will these ‘Seeker Seminars’ continue? Savage says, “People are nervous, but they’ll go on. I mean, all of these guys, they know that it’s a lot of risk what they’ve been doing. That’s part of their life. Out of their commitment to reach these areas they just keep going back. You got to admire that. It’s really heroic.”

What’s exciting about this ministry is that it was stagnant before last year’s earthquake. Now, Christians are allowed into Kashmir to help with humanitarian aid and as they do, they’re sharing their faith. “Our partner right now is building three schools in this area. It’s a great opportunity for our financial involvement.”

$82,000 will build three schools and operate them for a full year.

According to Savage, these schools aren’t Christian schools, but everyone knows that each building is a Christian place and that’s the opportunity for witness there.

If you’d like to help support the school project, go to

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