Christian help flood victims in Ghana

By June 13, 2008

Ghana (MNN) – It's been nearly a year since flooding hit Ghana, but flood victims are receiving much-needed help from Christians who aren't only concerned about their physical needs.

Partnering with Bible Church of Africa, SIM International is providing homes for those left homeless by the flooding and food for the needy. With early harvests killed by a drought and the flood finishing off any remaining grain, many were left with no food and no money to pay workers to rebuild their homes.

Also, SIM started the Ghana Flood Relief Project in an effort to help flood victims rebuild their lives. So far, food aid has been provided, and 80 out of 100 complete rooms have been roofed.

More food aid and distribution of seed for planting is planned for July. SIM plans to provide grain for needy families until the next year's harvest.

As most homes in Ghana are built out of mud and grass with no foundation, it didn't take much for the floods to totally destroy them. The walls weakened and collapsed as water rose up from the soaked ground. To make stronger homes, SIM plans to provide cement and zinc for flood-resistant foundations. It still remains essential that the roofing of these houses is finished before the threatening rainy season arrived.

Pray that God will meet every need that those left destitute by the flooding may have. Pray that the homes SIM is building will have roofs by the time rainy season comes. Pray for wisdom for the SIM missionaries to distribute aid to the people who need aid the most. Pray also that many will come to know Christ and experience His love through the Ghanaian church, SIM and BCA.

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