Kids helping kids abroad

By June 13, 2008

USA (MNN) — Kids in third world nations have needs. But so do kids in the industrialized world. CURE International is putting these kids together to help each other.

CURE's Jerry Meadows says the struggle families have in the West is teaching their children how to be grateful and generous. "Our children have a sense of entitlement. They're materialistic. When our children talk about their needs, they're really talking about wants. They have probably never experienced legitimate needs."

Kids in the third world are much different, says Meadows. "They are needy. They're struggling to survive. Their lives depend on getting help–especially disabled children that CURE International helps. They're born with a deformity that in our country we would take care of it today. There, it could mean death."

Meadows suggests, "They're looking for and needing hope and healing, while our children here really need to learn about gratitude and generosity."

CURE International has developed a program called, "Mission Moments" – stories from Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan and all around the globe of patients receiving hope and healing. "Our children, as they hear these patient stories, begin to think, 'Oh I'm glad I have medication. I'm glad I have a house. I'm glad I have electricity.' And they become thankful, which is really an act of worship. Then they wonder, 'Well, what can I do with this? I've been given so much, how do I give some of it away?' And they actually get involved in world missions."

Mission Moments includes the five patient stories, as well as a prayer guide for kids to take home with them.

Meadows says this is the first phase of their program. They're also developing an interactive website. "On the website you can design a card. The children in our hospitals will actually be able to receive that card. You can sign a cast. At this point, we have donations being made for every signature on a cast on the website."

According to Meadows, this type of training is important for the future of global missions. "If we can instill in our children, 'You can impact the world — you can impact another person's life around the globe today,' then they will want to do that the rest of their lives."

If you'd like more information about Mission Moments, click here.

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