Christian humanitarian group at the frontlines of fighting against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

By February 17, 2005

Zambia (MNN) — World Vision Zambia is part of a group of five non-government organizations that have come together to help combat HIV/AIDS in Zambia.

It’s a six-year program to provide holistic, community-based care, with the goal to reach more than 500-thousand people directly impacted by HIV/AIDS.

The consortium is called RAPIDS and stands for Reaching HIV/AIDS Affected People with Intergrated Development and Support. It will provide direct assistance, including school fees, medical care supplies, food, tools and other aid. The strengths of the NGO partners will be used as they work together to mobilize and train communities to fight HIV/AIDS from the grassroots levels.

World Vision demonstrates the compassion of Christ by reaching out to millions of people who are affected by this disease. They encourage Christians to be on the front lines of battle through prayer, action and giving.

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