InterVarsity challenges students to see justice issues through the eyes of Christ.

By February 17, 2005

USA (MNN) — Two hundred college students from around the San Francisco Bay area of California confronted homelessness and poverty this weekend.

Through an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s conference called “Jesus, Justice, and Poverty” students explored how the evangelical church has so often failed the poor, and what they could do about it.

Students were given the choice of staying in more comfortable accommodations or sleeping on the streets with the homeless.

InterVarsity had a two-pronged purpose for the conference, says InterVarsity Global Projects Director Scott Bessenecker, “We want to see non-Christian students who are already passionate about justice issues discover the Jesus who walks among the poor. And we want to see Christian students who are ignorant or naive about justice issues discover that Jesus is passionate about confronting evil and bringing deliverance to the oppressed.”

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