Christian leaders take ownership of rebuilding Uganda

By September 11, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — Uganda is in a
time of rebuilding following decades of civil war. As the region becomes more stable, the
Internally Displaced People are moving back home.  

The infusion of people brings
with it the re-birth of communities, and with that comes much hope and many
challenges. Among the challenges is the
number of people who are still reluctant to leave the camps in northern Uganda,
believing their quality of life is better in the camps than at home.

For these, home is the rubble of a
village. Yet, peace and reconciliation are common themes — as if to admit the
struggle to survive in a destroyed home could re-ignite the fighting. Stone by stone, the nation is coming back

It's a great time to resource and
encourage church leaders to do the same. The Global Advance team was in Fort Portal and Kampala for a Frontline
Shepherds Conference and two Marketplace Missions Conferences to help them do
just that. 

David Shibley explains,
"Uganda is known as the 'Pearl of Africa.' Much of the food supply comes
from Uganda. I  believe that's indicative
of the fact that Uganda also needs to lead the way in providing the bread of
life not only for the rest of the continent but for many areas of the world."

To figure out how they were going
to be the spiritual ‘bread basket,' the church leaders had to have a
vision. They laid it out at the conferences.

Be praying. "Over 300 pastors committed to planting
at least one new church within the next year. Also, in cooperation with the
Living Word Bible School, there were 85 graduates. These graduates have been
commissioned to begin 50 Bible colleges throughout Uganda."  

For business leaders, the mission is much the same. Through the Marketplace
Missions initiatives, Global Advance trains entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals throughout the developing world.  

It's a conduit for U.S. business leaders to invest their
skills, knowledge, and experience into the lives of emerging marketplace
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