U.S. troops the focus of outreach

By September 11, 2009

USA (MNN) — 9/11 not only saw death and destruction at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the middle of a Pennsylvania field, but it also began the war on terror. That war has sent thousands of U.S. troops into harm's way in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. This opened a huge door for outreach for many organizations but especially Faith Comes By Hearing.

National Director for Faith Comes By Hearing Troy Carl says this wasn't something they planned. He says military chaplains came to them. "We had over 180 different chaplains contact us with the special request of a device that would specifically meet the needs of ministry for their young men and women that are serving overseas — what they call the I-pod generation."

In response to this need, "We created a unit called the Military Bible Stick. It's black and is about the size of a pack of gum. It has all the low light disciplines that are required by the military. This unit is designed specifically for ministering to soldiers in those tough and troubled circumstances in which they find themselves."

So far, FCBH has distributed over 15,000 units to soldiers in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, military ships and other areas around the world. While that's good news, Carl says they can't meet the demand. He says they have requests for 12,000 more units, but finances prevent them for fulfilling those requests.

$25 sends a Military Bible Stick to a soldier, "but that also includes a free audio Bible to that soldier's loved one. We want to make sure that we minister to the whole family. And so we do that with no questions asked."

While Faith Comes By Hearing has been focused on making disciples in the third world and unreached areas of the world, Carl says, "We're seeing that same kind of transformation in the hearts and minds of those who are receiving these Military Bible Sticks. In some cases we're hearing testimonies of up to seven soldiers sharing one Bible Stick, many of whom have never heard the Gospel message."

Carl says since these men and women are faced with mortality every day, they may be more prepared to hear the Gospel and ready to come to Christ.

FCBH is asking you to sponsor a soldier and their family for $25. If you'd like to sponsor a soldier, click here.

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