Christian literacy class in India targeted by militants.

By October 24, 2006

India (MNN)–Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India says they try to keep a low profile for security reasons.

Despite precautions, Mission India's vice president says Hindu militants attacked one of their literacy classes late last week in Gagore village in Jammu.

Their partner, Pastor V. C. Wilson, says police arrested at least 20 pastors. "What's so strange about this is that the persecutors will come in and beat up Christians and then bring the police in and the police will arrest the people who have been beaten up, not those who have beaten them."

Because of the arrests and the anti-Christian door-to-door propaganda being carried out by Hindu fundamentalists like the Shiva Sena and Bajrang Dal, some newer believers are afraid.

With threats and warnings issued, the class is in disarray and currently not able to meet. He urges prayer. "The 150 students in this area who have been warned by the Hindu fundamentalists not to attend class, they're frightened right now. There may be a break for a short time, but eventually, we find that, in most situations, the programs will continue, and, in fact, become stronger, and then they begin to pray for their persecutors."

Mission India has developed a 12-month, five-night-a-week, 2-hour-a-night literacy course designed for areas where literacy is low.

This course is now available in 17 languages and can be effectively taught by instructors from depressed areas who have little formal education themselves.

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