Christian literature shipments face opposition in India

By July 25, 2023

India (MNN) — Bibles and Christian books headed into India from Mission Cry are hitting major roadblocks. Mission Cry ships good-quality used Bibles and Christian books to dozens of countries around the world. However, Mission Cry’s President Rev. Jason Woolford says Gospel ministry is getting more difficult in the South Asian nation.

“We’ve been sending [Bibles and Christian books] to India now for over 65 years,” says Woolford. “But we’re seeing things intensify like we’ve never seen before, even in the last four months, to where the government was starting to put pressure on containers that we sent there.”

In particular, anti-conversion laws in 11 Indian states are making it harder to ship and distribute God’s Word.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Mission Cry’s recently attempted to send a shipment of Christian literature to India. One of their local contacts received a threatening message, along with others in the shipping industry.

“We just heard yesterday that he was warned…that if any [shipping containers] are opened and found with the Word of God, they will immediately go to prison.”

However, Indian believers are firm in their commitment to share the Gospel, and Mission Cry is committed to equipping these believers for outreach wherever they are.

“In the midst of all that, these people, our brothers and sisters, are still asking for the Word of God — a used Bible, Christian book, seminary materials — because they understand the power that’s found in the Word.”

Woolford says, “We have another partner that we’ve worked with that is a business owner who has taken containers in the past. So we’ll have to send into some of the other states where this anti-conversion law is not happening and we’ll have to be very strategic with it. We’re not going to stop trying to get the Word of God, especially when they’re trying to stop it from coming in.”

Pray for open doors to God’s Word in India. Ask the Lord to soften the hearts of those who don’t know Jesus Christ with biblical truth.

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Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.