Is addiction a spiritual issue?

By July 25, 2023

USA (MNN) — If the chains of addiction bind someone you love, you’re not alone. Nearly 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only ten percent receive treatment.

The Lighthouse takes a biblical approach to recovery. More about that here.

“The Gospel is central to any sin in our life. God stepped out of heaven through a cosmic plan to redeem his children by sending His Son Jesus Christ,” The Lighthouse founder Brandon Bower says.

“If we apply the Gospel to addiction, it’s no different [from] any other struggle.”

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This perspective is not a popular one. The American Medical Association classified addiction as a disease in 1987. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) says addiction is a chronic brain disorder, not a behavior problem.

According to The Lighthouse, addiction is spiritually rooted.

“It is a heart issue of replacing God with something that’s God-like but leaves you wanting more,” Bower explains.

“Addictions are a spiritual problem because we worship the creation over the Creator. When we replace something we’re created for – like a relationship with God – with something else, like relationships with drugs or alcohol, we call that idol worship.”

If addiction is a spiritual problem, then the Bible offers hope. “God is more powerful than addiction. He can come alongside and care for us and help us through any of these battles,” Bower says.

“Nothing is more amazing than to see a person whose life is devastated by addictions find hope and healing through Jesus Christ.”

Connect with The Lighthouse here to learn more. Pray that more churches will help their members and communities overcome to find the victory and healing only Christ offers.

“God designed the Church to be the support network for anyone struggling with anything,” Bower says.

“When we (Christians) say ‘Oh, we can’t help someone because we don’t understand addiction,’ or ‘It’s too much for us,’ we’re saying that our God’s not big enough to help them.”




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