Sudan war passes 100 days with no end in sight

By July 25, 2023

Sudan (MNN) — Sudan’s war just passed the 100-day mark. See our full coverage here.

Aid groups say civilians are increasingly at risk, especially those trapped in the suburbs of Khartoum. Electricity is sporadic, some people don’t have water, and nearly everyone is out of food.

The war is “more complicated today than it was a few months ago,” MENA Leadership Center VP Fadi Sharaiha says.

“[Sudan is] becoming a place [where] people cannot live.”

The war between the two generals began mid-April and shows no signs of stopping. Nearly 800,000 people have fled to neighboring countries, and three million are displaced within Sudan.

Persistent drought makes food hard to find everywhere, not just within Khartoum. Sharaiha noted in May that the country faces an imminent hunger catastrophe if the fighting does not stop.

“Let’s remember that Sudan [was] suffering even before the war. Now, the war is adding even more agony to the situation,” Sharaiha says.

(Graphic courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs USA)

How to help Sudan

MENA Leadership Center helps churches throughout the Middle East/North Africa region expand their capacity to do more in Jesus’s name. More about that here.

“We’re asking Christian leaders in Sudan and the surrounding countries, ‘How can we help? How can we move ahead?’” Sharaiha says.

“Things are changing daily. I expect they will call for more [courses on] how to do refugee ministry. I think there’s also a need for trauma healing.”

Now that you know, how will you respond? First, and most importantly, pray.

“Please pray that the war will stop and people will come to their senses. Pray for the Christians in Sudan, that they will stand their ground and keep their faith although it’s very difficult right now,” Sharaiha requests.

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Header image courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs USA.