Christian population rises nearly 40 percent in Nepal

By July 4, 2023

Nepal (MNN) — New national census data shows rapid Christian growth in Nepal. The Christian population rose by nearly 40 percent in less than a decade.

South Korean missionaries contributed much to the recent Gospel growth. Bibles For The World partners in Nepal wish to continue the upward trend.

(Photo courtesy of Bibles For The World)

“Post-COVID, [believers have] come out of lockdowns and quarantines with an urgency, saying ‘We’ve got to get the Gospel out!” President/CEO John Pudaite says.

The pandemic served as a grim reminder of what’s at stake. Believers in every community lost someone they knew. More often than not, “people died without even hearing the name of Jesus,” he adds.

Earlier this year, Bibles For The World leaders and Nepali partners met in person for the first time since 2019. Believers accomplished more in personal collaboration than they could over Zoom.

“Being able to see them face to face and spend time together in prayer and fellowship has been so important,” Pudaite says.

“[We said,] ‘Let’s regroup here; these are the things we planned to do; what are the new opportunities we’ve seen emerge?’”

Today, Nepali partners are putting the plans into action. Pray for favor as believers carry out the projects God placed on their hearts.

“Everybody’s coming out of this (pandemic) on fire and sharing, ‘Hey, there’s a new opportunity; there’s a new village that opened up to us.’

“It [inspires us] as we look to equip them and come alongside them.”

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