Christian radio in India’s Kashmir region offers real peace.

By October 22, 2003

India (MNN) — 12 more people are dead in violence in India’s Kashmir region. The embattled region has been a long standing conflict between Pakistan and India, which has seen 30,000 people die over 15 years.

Words of HopeLee DeYoung says they’re getting involved in the region, and will begin airing radio programming. “Beginning on the 26th of October, three nights a week, broadcasts (will be) going out through a partnership with Gospel for Asia, Words of Hope, and IBRA radio. These broadcasts in the Kasmiri language.”

DeYoung says this is a great answer to the violence. “It’s an area where people have experienced so much violence, so much upheaval, so much unrest. So, a program that points to the Prince of Peace is very much welcomed.”

DeYong says the program is being produced by Kashiri believers. He says the program was received well during testing and it hoping for a great response to the Gospel.

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