Christian Radio is discipling new believers in China as persecution continues.

By September 30, 2003

China (MNN) — Radio is having a major affect on church growth in China, as persecution continues in that country. Reports surfaced last week that 170 believers in Henan Province were questioned by police after attending a house church in the region. According to reports, 14 church leaders remain in custody.

HCJB World Radio broadcasts programming into China. HCJB World Radio‚Äôs Ron Cline says the Chinese take an incredible risk when they come to Christ. He says they’re astounding. “They say ‘yes’ to Jesus at the same time they say ‘yes’ to death. It’s almost as if they agree ‘I will die, but I want to be a Christian.’ And so, we want to encourage them via radio.”

Cline says Christians in China that two things are building the church in China. “Relationships – Chinese to Chinese, and radio, because it’s teaching them their theology.”

Cline tells us how they help Chinese believers through their radio broadcast. “You trying to encourage them and strengthen their faith, that’s all. You try to give them the promises that God has given to them. Make sure they know they understand what those promises are, the guarantees from God for their life. You try to equip them and prepare them for this persecution that will come.”

According to Cline they’re targeting believers with their broadcasts. “We would have to assume that not to many non Christians listen to international Christian radio.” So, Cline believes this can help believers in their walk with Christ, while also giving them the tools they need to lead others to Christ.

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