Christian radio is having an impact on guerrillas

By January 22, 2007

Colombia (MNN) — Colombia is a country plagued with kidnappings, drug trafficking, and civil unrest. Guerrilla fighters are responsible for much of it. The clashes between guerrillas and government troops are common. However, Christian radio appears to be having an impact on the hearts and lives of some of the guerrillas who are living in the jungle.

Trans World Radio was the tool God used to lead a guerrilla member to Christ, says TWR’s Jim Munger. Munger says, while Trans World Radio broadcasts on powerful AM and short-wave transmitters, they also broadcast on local FM stations. “It was one of these local stations, a small FM station, that could be heard by the guerrillas and he was listening to the Gospel on that station.”

The young man came from a Christian home. “I am the son of a Christian woman,” he writes in his letter. “I carry the memories of her engraved on my heart. Because of my rebellion and poverty, I decided to leave home.”

Munger says this isn’t unusual. “The guerrillas are actively recruiting constantly. And, they are typically recruiting children and young teenagers to be part of their armies.”

While he’s given his heart to Jesus, Munger says he’s trapped. “They are threatened with death if they abandon the forces. The Colombian army is seeking them. And, so he’s caught in between being part of an army where he’s not allowed to leave, where over a period of time he’s done horrible things and has seen horrible things. As a Christian now, he doesn’t agree with this, but he’s afraid to leave.”

Munger isn’t surprised by this guerrilla member’s testimony. “There aren’t a lot of radio stations that can be heard there, so they’re almost like a captive audience. When we produce programs we realize that there are people from all walks of life, including guerrillas that are listening and are becoming Christians.”

Munger is asking Christians to pray. “Pray that God will use radio around the world to reach into these hidden places that we couldn’t go. The radio can and it is not bound. It is not limited and God uses it.”

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