Christian radio ministry narrows focus of outreach in North Africa

By June 10, 2008

Africa (MNN) — Narrowing their focus has translated to action for Trans World

John Summerville says they're working on a transmitter modification project,
where the signal that's coming from southern France will be changed.

explains, "Through this transmitter modification, we can clarify the signal
that's already going out into Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. But we can also
send that signal much deeper to be able to reach people who have never heard
the Gospel before." The new signal has the potential of reaching
15 million new people.

problem: many of these people have never had the Gospel in their own language
before.  That's complicated by the fact that much of
the projected audience doesn't read. Rather
than re-invent the wheel, Trans World
Radio will use the tools they already have.

currently broadcasting in Arabic and four different Berber dialects, but in
order to reach more people, they would need some way of throwing the signal

The  solution: change the configuration and the reach of their
radio signal from an omni-directional, semi-circular one, to a directional one.

The importance of this project was confirmed by a Moroccan man Summerville met who had come to know Christ through a radio broadcast. "For ten years, that man had no fellowship
with other Christians, and it was only through radio that he had fellowship. Radio can
go places missionaries often can't." 

That's why TWR has delivered radio/CD players to Morocco and Algeria, along
with a CD of TWR programming. If
broadcast signals are weak, listeners can still hear the programs. In addition, 
several hundred pre-fixed radios are being readied for distribution
throughout North Africa.  The team is
also raising roughtly $200,000 USD to fund the changeover.

ministry challenges, Summerville says, "We know through anecdotal evidence
that churches are being planted; we know that people are coming to know Christ. They contact us in many different ways, and when they do, they're telling us, ‘Please give us more programs so that we can hear what God has for us.'"

As producers focus their radio program content towards women,
youth, oral-speakers, and the general public, pray for their wisdom and safety. Many will take on increased prayer ministry responsibilities, as well
as financial investment. Click here for
details on how you can give. 



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