Christian radio reaches three people groups in Nigeria

By March 15, 2007

Nigeria (MNN/TWR) — Three people groups. One country. One
gospel. Different responses. This is what's happening with three of the
languages Trans World Radio broadcasts to in Nigeria, the most populous country
in Africa.

The tall, dark Kanuri people number over 5 million strong
people are mostly farmers who are from another major religion. Less than .01
percent of the people are evangelical Christians. There are some believers, but
no formal church.

The Hausa people are also of another religion with less than
.01 percent evangelicals, but more believers can be found as well as the number
of churches.

And in southern Nigeria, the situation is much different.
The Yoruba people, the third largest language group in the country with 25
million speakers, have practiced various indigenous religions such as voodoo.
Recently, however, they've undergone a significant change and many are turning
to Christ. TWR broadcasts daily half hour programs in the Yoruba language, and
the church is growing.

TWR is asking for prayer. As they begin broadcasting in
mid-2007 from its new transmitting site in Benin, which boarders Nigeria, the
current outreach in the country will only be strengthened, as several of the
languages are already being prepared for broadcast.

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