Christian radio station in U.S. helps poor children in Honduras

By May 11, 2009

USA (MNN) — The number of people living in poverty in Latin America is on the rise. According to reports, 196 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean live in poverty.  That's up six million compared to previous statistics.

One U.S.-based ministry and a Christian radio station are trying to help make life a little better for a few of the poverty stricken in Honduras.

Way-FM, a Cornerstone University Christian Hit Radio station in West Michigan, in partnership with Orphan Outreach are heading to Honduras to help with medical needs. They're also sending thousands of dollars worth of humanitarian aid to Honduras, ahead of their trip June 14.

General Manager of Way-FM Rich Anderson says they packed the shipping container last week for their 30-member team. "We took two different playgrounds that were going to scrapped, donated by two different public schools. We pulled them out of the ground, busted all the concrete off of them, sandblasted them, and powder-coated them. We also have 44 boxes of medicals supplies, dried food, school supplies, chairs — you name it, it's on there."

Way-FM is also taking toys, children's Bibles, 2,000 baby outfits, desks, and more.

Anderson believes the contents of the shipping container is worth nearly $200,000 dollars, and they'll be delivering it to the AFE Christian School in Honduras. He says this area is home to the poorest of the poor. "These people literally live on a land fill, or right next to the land fill, in whatever they can scrounge to make their homes."

The Way-FM team plans to install the playground, set up a medical clinic and share Christ with those they're serving.

Tiffany Taylor with Orphan Outreach is excited about this return to Honduras. "By this team coming back and showing their commitment to this community, the spiritual impact will be amazing."

Taylor says the team's movie night at a local church is also missions-focused. "There's a local church there that is doing missions themselves, and so we're going to be charging a very nominal fee for popcorn to raise support for their own missions."

While the container is on its way to Honduras, Taylor is asking people to pray for it because much can go wrong. "We just need God's grace that everything gets approved, that customs does not cause any problems on this container, and that everything safely gets there and is safely unloaded and ready to go when our team arrives on June 15th."

If your group would like to travel with Orphan Outreach to make a difference in the lives of kids in Honduras or another area of the world, click here.

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