Christian school demanded by Muslims in India

By November 29, 2011

India (MNN) — Six years ago Global Action started a Christian school in a predominately-Muslim area of India. Today, God is opening doors to do even more.

President of Global Action Lars Dunberg says they started the elementary school near the border of Nepal. "When we came there, there was no functioning school. There was a government school where teachers would show up once every two weeks for a day, but no school program."

Last year, Global Action changed the program to an English medium school, which means "all classes fifth to seven grade are in English. And classes first through fifth start introducing English in all the classes. When we did that, all the Muslims in the neighborhood stood in line with their children to enroll them in this Christian school."

Last year, Muslims heard the Gospel because of the school's Christmas pageant. "The church was packed with Muslim parents who were in church for the first time, hearing the Gospel for the first time through the very mouths of their own children through a Christmas pageant."

A grade school education wasn't enough for the parents, however. Dunberg says the parents requested more. "We kind of pointed out that this was a Christian school, and they said, 'We don't mind. We want to have our children educated. We demand you Christians build a high school."

So three weeks ago, they broke ground for a new 400-student high school building. But Dunberg says they only had enough money raise for the foundation. "We're going to build it as we get funding. Every $5 provides 40 bricks. We need two million bricks. It actually takes less than $300,000 to build this two-story high school."

Dunberg is hoping the money is raised quickly. "The school year starts in July, so it's our dream to have at least one floor ready by then, if not both floors."

Many young people have given their hearts to Jesus already as they've learned about Christ. Dunberg says this school could have a profound impact. "There will be a growing ground for them to be confronted in a positive way with the claims of Christ, and be able to see Him shape their lives for the future. They have a chance to go on to University. They have a chance to be the future leaders of their country."

Help is needed. If you'd like to provide 40 bricks for $5, click here.

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