Christian training Institute in Ghana supports community endeavor.

By November 27, 2006

Ghana (MNN)–Ghana’s image is slowly changing from that of being conflict ridden, poverty and hunger stricken to one of progress.

The government has been building a strong political, social and economic foundation in order to support a thrust toward accelerated growth.

Communities are beginning to reflect this mindset as well. Many are now shoring up infrastructure, which includes schools, roads, access to safe water, food security and health care.

Against this backdrop, Oasis International’s Sue Brennan says a community health clinic in Ghana is expanding in order to offer a recovery wing where patients could be housed overnight.

However, “They started the building project and ran out of funds, so it’s not complete right now. The walls are up and the roof is on, of course they need windows and doors and then, what they need to finish inside is not complete either.”

Brennan says their evangelistic training at Oasis International Training Center extends to the practicality of helping their community. She says they’ve planned a fundraiser to support the clinic. “We’re going to be holding a parade (mid-December) for Christmas involving the whole town and it’s going to be benefiting the health center in Pram pram. We’re hoping to get all the churches and different people involved, and we’re going to be taking donations. They are building a new wing onto the health center.”

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