Christian web site blocked in China

By July 26, 2004

China (MNN/F18) — Christians and other minority groups in China are facing more repression by the Chinese government.

According to Forum 18 News Service, Chinese web-users are denied access to a range of religious sites based abroad. During a two month survey they found after a two-month survey of how far the Chinese government’s Golden Shield firewall, used to censor the internet, affects access to religious websites.

Sites blocked include those related to the persecution of Christians and other religious faiths, the Dalai Lama, the Falun Gong religious movement, the Muslim Uygurs of Xinjiang and a number of Catholic sites, including the website of the Hong Kong diocese and the Divine Word Missionaries in Taiwan.

The bad news is that many believers use the internet to study God’s word and download Scripture for new believers. Pray that God will rend their blocking software useless so believers can continue using the internet to help evangelism and discipleship.

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