Christian workers are taking precautions as violence mounts.

By October 16, 2003

Bolivia (MNN) — The Bolivian city of La Paz is under siege as violence mounts in that South America country. At issue is President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada’s free market policies and failure to tackle proverty in South America’s poorest nation.

Food for the Hungry provides emergency relief to the country. FHI’s President Ben Homan says, “It’s a conflict that’s been brewing for some time.” He says all of the roads leading out of La Paz are blocked.

Homan says their work is at a stand-still. “Food for the Hungry has over 200 staff” in Bolovia. He says, “Our staff is not allowed to even go into our offices and our operations because of the security situation. So, in terms of function right now, the entire country is in state of aler.t”

Homan says FHI helps Bolivian families physically and spiritually through the local church. He says the situation requires prayer. He says, “The way the situation is right now is that it is an opportunity for the people of Bolivia to get on their knees and to pray for their nation. Certainly, we’re doing that as a staff team.”

According to Homan, “The Gospel is not going to be stopped. No political change, no change in the actual situation will stop the forward move of the Gospel. It will not in the long term prevent our work from being carried out.”

Homan says Christians around the world need to pray and ask God to, “bring peace to that land.” Pray that the violence will force many people to their knees and that many would turn to Christ.

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