New partner FM station in Romania makes impact on listeners

By October 15, 2003

Romania (HCJB)–HCJB World Radio’s partner FM station that went on the air in Brasov, Romania, last March is making a significant spiritual impact on listeners.

The station is the newest member of the seven-outlet Radio Voice of the Gospel (RVG) network, a joint operation of HCJB World Radio, the Evangelical Alliance of Romania and the Romanian Missionary Society.

“Lots of people call to tell us that the radio programs bring them peace, comfort and great joy,” said Station Manager Narcis Grama in an e-mail report. “The good news is that not only are Christians listening to our
programs, but we also constantly get requests from non-Christians asking for sermons on tapes. One non-Christian lady told us that the programs caused a
‘spiritual awakening’ in her. We constantly feel that God is blessing us and our city through this ministry. For us it is a great honor and joy.”

One of the men working at the station is part of a prison ministry, preaching the gospel to inmates in a jail near Brasov. “With his help and the help of his fellow workers, we have received permission to make a special program that will air on the prison’s radio station,” Grama said.
“As a result, we have started producing a special twice-weekly 1.5-hour program for the prisoners. We hope and pray that the lives of many of the people in the prison will be touched by the gospel through this program.”

Grama added that many telephone calls and letters have come from listeners in a town 30 miles away where the signal barely reaches. “People in this town are asking us what needs to be done in order for them to be able to
hear us better. They are quite excited about this ministry and the possibility of hearing the gospel preached on the radio.”

The Brasov station went on the air in March after three years of planning and praying, broadcasting at just 200 watts. An application is pending to boost the power to 500 watts and to increase the airtime to 24 hours a day, up from the present four hours daily. The RVG network, founded in 1993, also has FM stereo outlets in Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea, Sibiu, Suceava and Timisoara.

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