Christians are concerned for their future, despite the sentencing of Islamic radicals.

By September 5, 2003

Indonesia (MNN) — Terrorism was dealt a blow with the sentencing of two Islamic radicals, but Christians are still concerned in Indonesia.
AMG International Paul Jenks says President Megawati Sukarnoputri’s government appears ready to crack down on violence, but that’s little consolation. “They’re trying to at least give some kind of justice there, but yet there are elements in her own government as well as in the society that would very much like to see the court of law be thrown out and perhaps even Islamic law be brought in to replace secular law.”
Jenks is encouraging people to pray for the Megawait government that they’ll stand strong in the fact of these threats. “Under her leadership the churches and things have been able to exist. If we had an extreme form of government like in the Middle East, these churches would be immediately rooted out and destroyed.”

AMG provides evangelism and church planting training in Indonesia. Jenks says right now AMG is sending out 25 new pastors each year. He’s appealing to Christians to help support them because it doesn’t cost much to fund their work. “Support for national workers is $50 a month, which for us it’s hard to imagine that $50 makes that much of a difference, but it really does, especially to those who are just starting out in their ministry.”
Pray for these evangelists and church planters as many of them are returning to their homes where they once were practicing Muslims. He says these believers are heros at work for the Gospel.

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