Evangelistic efforts move forward in the United States as there’s evidence it’s becoming a POST Christian nation.

By September 5, 2003

USA (MNN) — Evidence is mounting that the United States has become a post-Christian nation. The most recent example was the Ten Commandments removal from public view in Alabama’s state court house. American Missionary Fellowship’s Ed Henderson says that decision was disturbing. “Most of my life we’ve seen the Ten Commandments as a moral standard by which other laws have been built on. In fact, our nation’s history is…built on those.”

However, it underscores the need for evangelism through their “Learning Community” program that will begin this fall. He says, “Learning Communities creates an environment where people are brought to Jesus Christ through the study of His word. And then, we try to equip them, giving them the tools to share that with other people.”

Henderson says they’d like to start 20 programs throughout the country. He says want to target, “Inner City and unreached groups of people (there).”

According to Henderson, they need workers. “We’re looking for a special type of missionary. One that can teach the word of God, and at the same time able to make effective disciples — raising other leaders up. 20 ‘Learning Communities’ will require about 40 missionaries.”

Financial support and church partners are needed to help make this program more effective.

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