Christians are needed to help with Scripture application in Papua New Guinea

By January 9, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — The program is called Scripture Application and Leadership Training, or SALT. It’s a program that’s helping in Papua New Guinea, following Bible Translation. Wycliffe Associates is recruiting volunteers to help with it.

President and Chief Operating Officer of Wycliffe Associates, Bruce Smith, says their volunteer program is focusing on this area directly. Smith explains why. “Once the translation is accomplished it’s essential that Scripture application and use be taught to the people so that they can use the tool (the Bible) that has been developed through the translation process.”

400 families are working in Papua New Guinea, says Smith. “That sounds like a lot of people, but not in comparison to the amount of language work going on there. There are over 800 unique languages on that Island alone. About half of which still have no Scripture. The others, their translations are in process.”

That’s why Wycliffe Associates needs your help. “During 2006 they’ve actually asked us to recruit between 120 and 150 volunteers to do specific tasks related to these Scripture application teams that are going to be working around the country,” says Smith.

According to Smith, any Christian can help. “Anybody that has a teaching background, or might have English as a second language teaching background, those things would certainly be helpful. But, even anybody who’s been a grandparent and read stories to their grandchildren would be qualified to join these types of teams.”

Two weeks of training and a commitment to help is all that’s needed to help.

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