Christians are now praying for Muslim pilgrims

By January 9, 2007

USA (MNN) — The Hajj, which is Islam’s pilgrimage to Mecca, is over. However, Christians continue to pray for those who are now home or headed home from a life-time goal for many Muslims.

Hajj consists of traveling around Mecca, Saudi Arbia, praying and seeking forgiveness from Allah. Despite their attempts, there are no guarantees of forgiveness.

The Southern Baptist International Mission Board is asking Christians to pray for returning pilgrims. As they go home after completing one of the five tenets of Islam, they are considered holy men. The IMB is praying that they will begin asking questions about what they’ve seen and heard. Pray that God would send believers their way to speak biblical words of Truth.

The IMB is also asking Christians to pray for a supernatural act of the Holy Spirit. They’re praying that Muslims would seek out Christians to answer those questions, to provide an open door to share with Muslim friend about the sacrifice of Jesus, the Messiah.

Since dreams in that culture are viewed favorably, pray that God would use dreams to reveal Himself to Muslims during this time, causing them to pursue the true and living God.

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