Christians are rebuilding houses in Jesus’ name in Indonesia’s earthquake zone

By August 9, 2006

Indonesia (MNN) — While the world watches the situation in the Middle East, it’s seemed to have forgotten about the devastation in Indonesia. The magnitude 6.2 quake last May, killed many and left massive destruction in its wake.

World Hope International’s Keith Norris just returned from Yogyakarta. “There the destruction was pretty widespread. There were 150,000 houses destroyed and about 5,600 people killed, and also about 1,000 schools badly damaged. So, the destruction was fairly close to what the tsunami did back in 2004 and yet very little help has come to these people.”

That’ why World Hope is involved — initially with food, now with home rebuilding. “We don’t want to just rebuild a home that will likely fall down again in the event of another earthquake. So, we found out about a light gage steel framed construction home. We’ve presently finished 14 such homes. And, these are earthquake resistant,” says Norris.

However, Norris says this isn’t only about building homes. “It’s a great opportunity for Christians really, to demonstrate the love of Christ in a very real way to people who are really hurting. I think of every suffering person as an opportunity to witness the transforming power of Christ.”

Each steel framed house costs about $1,700 and is key to reaching people in a country that’s predominately Muslim. Norris says, “When you give somebody a home it gives you an inroads into that family and then we can go back and visit and follow up. It’s much better than just a cold call on someone who doesn’t know you.”

Funding is needed for more homes. Click on the link below to help.

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