Christians band together to get much requested Scriptures to Hurricane Katrina victims.

By September 15, 2005

USA (MNN)–There are many people who are open to the hope of Christ as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Many are now reaching the point of asking ‘why me?’

Others raced out of their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs, and are seeking spiritual solace.

At such a time of deep spiritual need, God’s truth alone can answer the questions and provide comfort and peace.

Compassion International, in cooperation with the International Bible Society, is distributing 180-thousand copies of “The Survivors” to children affected by Hurricane Katrina.

“The Survivors” is an interactive Scripture booklet, specifically designed to help children deal with crisis and loss.

The booklet is available in both English and Spanish. It’s being distributed to churches and others working with survivors. Pray that God will use “The Survivors” to these little ones to Himself.

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