Christians in Malawi celebrates a milestone in outreach.

By September 15, 2005

Malawi (MNN)–SIM is celebrating 100 years of ministry in Malawi.

Today, the churches they’ve partnered with are still active in reaching still unreached areas in the north and east.

Specifically, SIM is reaching the Yao people with the love of Christ. The tribe, nominal Muslims, are receptive to new ideas, and SIM is praying for more workers to serve among them.

The Yao are mainly farmers, growing crops in areas surrounding the lake. Many are also fishermen. Others have migrated to the cities where they find temporary work. A few are craftsmen employed in local projects such as building houses.

The Islam of the Yao is mixed with their earlier animist beliefs, witchcraft and ancestral cults. In recent years there has been a move toward Islamic orthodoxy. At the same time, there is increased receptivity toward the message of Jesus� life and love.

The team provides leadership training and theological education for church leaders in Blantyre (BLAN-tire) and Lilongwe (lih-LONG-way).

The ministry emphasis continues to be developing local leadership. To that end, marriage seminars are being held as well as training for community projects. Many communities need help and education in community developement.

Teams are edcuating the people not only in the spiritual areas, but also in improved sanitation and hygiene, basic health and nutrition, family planning, agriculture, and literacy.

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