Christians face continued difficulties throughout the Middle East.

By October 17, 2006

International (MNN)–It was supposed to be a time of reconstruction, liberty and optimism–that’s what the government leaders promised from the great change rolling over the Middle East over the last three decades…

What really happened was that security went from bad to worse and a cycle of threats, abductions and death began.

As people grew apprehensive and fearful, the government of this country came down even harsher to quell the potential of rebellion.

Islamic law, as applied in hardliner countries, says a Muslim who converts to another faith can face the death penalty.

Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says while he can’t reveal the country, he can confirm that in recent years, pressure on Christians has increased. “In at least one country that is very tightly closed, among the most restricted in the entire Islamic world, the situation has become more intense for at least some believers.”

Some of their partners have been bringing reports back that are causing quite a bit of concern. “We’ve heard reports of people who gather together have in some cases been harassed by some officials and even detained.”

DeYoung says many believers expect continued harassment and persecution. Yet, they still find ways to encourage the hope of Christ.

In support of that, DeYoung says WOH will continue to broadcast Gospel programming because radio is strategic to an underground church. “We sense that radio broadcasts become even more important where it’s becoming more difficult for believers to gather together face to face, but listening in the privacy of their own home, radio broadcasts can have a real impact.”

Continue to pray for believers throughout the Middle East. Many face troubles for daring to walk in Christ’s footsteps. Pray that their faith will sustain them through the hardships.

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