Teachers equip a post-Communist generation in a school without walls.

By October 17, 2006

Russia (MNN)–In what makes up the former Soviet Union, there exists a totally new generation who need to be mobilized to reach their peers.

These young men and women are prepared to communicate the Gospel to their peers, bring the hope of Christ to people affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis in Russia and Ukraine, or serve in the churches as Sunday school teachers or club leaders.

Some 2,000 students are enrolled in Russian Ministries’ “School Without Walls” programs in 35 locations across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

The program equips the post-communist generation for evangelism. In addition to “School Without Walls,” there are also training seminars and conferences for Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, camp counselors, puppet ministry teams, family and trauma counselors, pastors, writers, evangelists and others.

Now, students unable to attend classes may take academic courses online. Through this new distance learning, Russian Ministries hopes to mobilize and equip young Christian leaders who will become involved in ministry and service.

To help make the most of the opportunity, click here to support the “School Without Walls” program.

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