Christians face more challenges as elections approach in India

By March 29, 2024

India (MNN) — Religious freedom advocates sound the alarm as India begins implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA.

The CAA establishes a religious requirement for asylum seekers in India. It fast-tracks the process for some faiths but excludes others, specifically Muslims. More about that here.

John Pudaite with Bibles For The World says advocates were concerned “that it (the law) could be extended beyond the Muslims to anyone who is non-Hindu.”

For example, Muslims aren’t the only ones fleeing persecution from Myanmar’s military junta. “We’re seeing an influx of refugees from Myanmar who are of Christian background,” Pudaite says.

“The fear is in some of those bordering [states], the government will force the implementation of the CAA, and it would be used against Christians.”

Earlier this month, India began deporting refugees who fled Myanmar after the 2021 coup. The CAA isn’t the only threat to Christ-followers in India. Pudaite says human rights watchdogs documented over 600 acts of violence against believers and churches in 2023.

“That’s more than one and a half incidents a day. We have seen the persecution and oppression of Christians just continuously on the rise,” Pudaite says.

Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are forecast to win India’s upcoming elections, slated to begin on April 19 and lasting six weeks. Ask the Lord to strengthen believers and help them persevere through whatever comes next.

This picture was recently taken at a relief camp in Manipur. Life has not returned to normal for many living there.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Bibles For The World)

“It seems like everywhere we turn, there’s another issue or another law being passed that could be used against the religious minorities. Christians, of course, are facing the brunt of this,” Pudaite says.

Please continue praying for Bibles For The World and Christian communities in Manipur.

“We have seen the radicalized Hindu majority attacking the Christian tribals in our state. This has now been going on for ten and a half months unabated; attacks on the villages continue,” Pudaite says.

“It (violence) is done in collusion with the state government, also from the same BJP party. We don’t see any intervention from the national government.”



Header and story images courtesy of Bibles For The World.

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