Christians facing more uncertainty in Indi

By January 16, 2008

India (MNN) — Persecution against Christians isn't stopping in India's Orissa State. Over 90 churches and Christian institutions have been burned and vandalized, over 700 Christian homes destroyed, and the number of pastors and Christians killed is yet to be known, according to the All India Christian Council.

Founder and President of Bibles for the World Rochunga Pudaite says the situation is bad. "Just yesterday, four pastors in the state of Orissa were burned alive. And about 200 Christians leaders are now in the forests hiding, fearful for their lives."

Bibles for the World distributes Bibles around the world including India, Pudaite's home country. While nothing is certain, he says, "I'm not a prophet, but this is just the beginning as far as I'm concerned because they just passed anti-conversion laws, and it's going to get worse."

All India Christian Council and other Christians organizations have asked the central government to get involved and protect religious freedom in Orissa, but nothing official has been done to assure that.

Bible for the World has provided Bibles for Christian workers in Orissa. Pudaite is praying that "the Christians will feel the power of the Holy Spirit working in them and will be willing to go through whatever the persecution they're facing, because where there's persecution, there's also conversion and change of lives."

Pudiate is also asking people to pray for the conversion of those organizing the attacks on Christians.

He says India is ready to hear the Gospel, especially the Dalits of society. It's already happening. "Every day there are hundreds of people who are turning to Jesus Christ. Some are accusing Christians of 'buying' them with food and clothes and jobs. But that's not the case."

Since there are so many people coming to Christ in India, Bibles for the World has work to do. "We just made a printing order of 100,000 Bibles in Hindi, which a lot of the people can read in Orissa. And I would very much like to see that we distribute 1-million Gospels of John in their own language, Orya."

They're making this step of faith, praying that people like you would help them financially meet the needs of new believers who are facing persecution simply for claiming Christ as their Savior. Click here to help.

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