Christians fear for safety in Islamic violence

By July 30, 2009

(Photo cred: Open Doors)

Nigeria (MN) — In recent attacks against four northern states of Nigeria, at least six churches were destroyed, according to Open Doors USA.

Since July 25, members of Boko Haram, a radical Islamic group, have led several attacks against the sharia-governed states of Bauchi, Borno, Yobe and Kano.

In Potiskum, Yobe, the group attacked the police station and burnt a Baptist church to the ground. Five other churches were also destroyed in the attacks across the states.

Christians in Bauchi fled to the police barracks for safety, but several were injured by machetes as they ran.

In the other three attacks in Bauchi, Borno and Kano, the police stations were also the target. However, Christians throughout the 12 sharia-governed northern states of Nigeria held their breath, fearing they would become the next target.

In Bauchi, Christians have begun to return to their homes, confident that police have the situation under control, but the mood still remains heavy.

According to Open Doors, one Christian in Yobe said, “We were unable to sleep throughout the night as there was an exchange of fire between the group and the security operatives just a stone’s throw from our residence. They burnt one of our churches (the Baptist Church). Our lives are at risk. The group claimed not to be fighting Christians, but we are not secure at all.”

Open Doors is thankful that the Nigerian police seem to have the situation under control. However, prayer is still needed for the believers of Nigeria.

Please pray for protection for these Christians, and that they will not strike back if they are provoked. Pray also for wisdom among the church leaders as they seek to provide comfort and encouragement to their congregations.

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