Christians have a unique voice in Middle East democracies

By July 15, 2013

Middle East (MNN) — The coup in Egypt, civil war in Syria, uncertainty in Lebanon, and disenfranchisement in Iran. All of these issues in the Middle East spell trouble for citizens of these nations whether they are Muslim or not. While Christians are endangered as well, opportunities for the Gospel abound.

Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs USA

Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs USA

Spokesman for Voice of the Martrys USA Todd Nettleton says Christians are involved in politics across the Middle East, but that’s not their top priority. “We know that Christians are involved really across the Middle East, as much as they can be in the political process. But, their first priority is not politics. Their first priority is to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel.”

The question is, with all the unrest are people in these nations ready to hear it? Nettleton says, yes. “Ten or 15 years ago we would talk about one Muslim coming to Christ. Today, we’re not talking about one Muslim, we’re talking about hundreds and even thousands of Muslims coming to Christ.”

What about the violence in these nations. Can ministry happen in places like Syria, for example? Nettleton says, “There is ministry that’s going on in these situations of great upheaval and sometimes even great suffering. There are Muslims who are coming to see the hopelessness of Islam.”

Nettleton says Christians have a platform to share. “Christians can have a great ministry simply by presenting the hope of the Gospel and the hope of eternity with Christ.”

Helping to perpetuate this is many of these Islamic governments like Iran. “30 plus years of an Islamic government, the people look at the failures of the government and they see them as failures of Islam.”

Those failures open other doors. Nettleton explains: “If Islam doesn’t really work, if it fails, what other options? So, that is a great time to say, ‘well, let me tell you about Jesus. There is another option.'”

Now is an important time for Christians to pray. “We are right now in the midst of Ramadan. This is a key time for outreach to the Muslim world. Muslims are thinking about spiritual things, things of eternity. So, this can be a great time for ministry, for Gospel seeds to be planted.”

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