Christians hopeful as Nepal begins drafting new Constitution.

By July 10, 2006

Nepal (MNN)–Nepal is one step closer to ending a decade of civil war. Both the insurgency and the government forces are observing a ceasefire for two months and have since resumed peace talks that failed in 2001 and 2003.

A panel began drafting a temporary constitution for Nepal four days ago. Their work paves the way for Maoist rebels to join an interim power-sharing government. It’s a key moment in the country’s history.

Gospel For Asia’s national leader for Nepal, Narayan (nar-ay-an) Sharma is optimistic. “The existence of Christians will be very much acceptable and we will be able to take part on the national agenda, and things like that.”

What this means for their outreach is, “The churches will be recognized. That means we will be given registration and things like that so we can double up our work and ministry.”

Sharma says some wondered ‘where is God’ under the worst of the persecution they experienced. However, prayer has been their most powerful tool. “God was always on our side, and within a very short time of history, the Lord did so much wondrous and He gave us freedom, at least to exist, and live as Christian citizens of the nation.”

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