Christians in Australia won’t apologize for comments on Islam

By June 23, 2005

Australia (MNN) — The penalties have been handed down in the Muslim vilification case in Victoria, Australia. Daniel Nalliah and Daniel Scot have been ordered to apologize by taking out advertisements, place the verdict on their website and stop ‘vilifying’ Muslims in the future. But, the two men, who lecture about Islam, are vowing to take a stand. That’s the word from Salt Shakers Ministries, a watch-dog group in Australia that’s been following this story.

The two were charged under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act of 2002. The men were convicted after the two Daniels held a seminar on Islam quoting from the Koran and helping people understand the teaching of the Koran, including how the jinn (or demons) came to Mohammed making him a Muslim.

Salt Shakers Peter Stokes has been following the case. Deputy President of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Michael Higgins read the order Wednesday. “He says that Danny and Daniel are not to do anything like or resembling or associating with same or similar affect to what they were found guilty of by the tribunal. It’s purely government censorship of religious speech any where in Australia.”

What does that mean for their ministry? Stokes says, “That’s Daniel Scot’s main ministry. He lectures on Islam. He educates about how to reach Muslims for Jesus Christ. He can’t do any of that if he’s to obey what this judge has laid down.”

Danny Nalliah says he’s committed to one thing, God’s Word. “He’s saying, ‘I will not follow this judgment and I will not stop speaking,’ and he will not apologize, so I think there’s more to come,” says Stokes.

If the two fail to comply with the judge’s order they could end up in jail for contempt of court.

A request has been made to the Supreme Court to look at the judgment, because many believe errors were made.

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